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Two sides simultaneously without edge pressing rope awning machine
click:Release Date:2023/6/10
The dual side simultaneous edge free rope pressing machine is mainly used for edge free rope pressing of tarpaulin. It operates simultaneously on both sides, with a particularly fast speed. The avoided edges are neat and beautiful, saving time and labor, making it particularly suitable for use in large tarpaulin factories.
Our factory mainly produces high-tech products such as large and small PE plastic tent hot sealing (welding) machines, small PVC coated canvas splicing machines, mechanical tying machines, automatic tying machines, hydraulic packing machines, pneumatic automatic packing machines, and feeding machines. All machines are designed using and absorbing the technology and advantages of Korean counterparts. The key is to pay attention to the practical use of hot sealing machines in China.
The Weiyuan brand plastic tent hot sealing (welding) machine and small PVC coating canvas splicing machine have the characteristics of small volume, reliable performance, low power consumption, automatic temperature control, arbitrary speed regulation, flexible operation, convenient maintenance, economy, practicality, and multi-purpose. This machine not only allows for arbitrary stitching and edging, but also allows for arbitrary rope pressing, truly realizing the production equipment of tarpaulin for tarpaulin enterprises and individual tarpaulin professionals.

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