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What are the functions and characteristics of the PVC tarpaulin hot sealing machine?
click:Release Date:2023/6/10
1. The high-frequency electromagnetic field is mainly generated by the self-excited high-frequency oscillation of high-frequency electronic tubes. Plastic materials such as PVC, TPU, PETG, EVA, etc. processed are polarized by the high-frequency electromagnetic field between the upper and lower electrodes, causing internal molecules to rub against each other and generate heat, achieving the purpose of fusion molding under the pressure of the mold. Using high-frequency energy to fuse two or more plastic workpieces together, the material is heated and fused together through high-frequency waves. The workpiece made by this fusion method has the same strength as the rubber material.
2. Output frequency phenomenon: The PVC tarpaulin heat sealing machine mainly uses high-performance ceramic high-frequency electronic tubes and metal vacuum electronic tubes, which will generate a certain frequency. The high-frequency heat sealing machine mainly has common high-frequency frequencies such as 40.68MHz, 27.12MHz, and 13.56MHz. Stable output frequency and reliable performance. (Technical support). The PVC tarpaulin hot sealing machine adopts a low loss coaxial oscillator and a specially designed synchronous tuner, which has strong output force and can shorten the hot sealing fusion time. It can quickly fuse products and greatly improve the production efficiency of the high-frequency hot sealing machine.
3. Main use: PVC tarpaulin hot sealing machine is mainly used for various plastic PVC, PET, PETG, EVA, PU, TPU or any soft and hard plastic material with a PVC content of more than 20%, as well as leather, genuine leather, fabric or composite plastic, composite leather, composite fabric and other product materials, including those used for other special purposes. Common processing methods include welding, hot sealing, sealing, embossing, fusion welding, fusing, etc

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