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What are the characteristics of a small canvas heat sealing machine?
click:Release Date:2023/6/10
1. The three position integration of the tarpaulin hot sealing machine - automatic positioning of the upper and lower buckles, one-time completion of punching and riveting, fast, accurate, and continuous processing.
2. High efficiency -20 to 40 times that of manual labor, with standard and exquisite buttons.
3. Imported accessories from South Korea ensure the quality and lifespan of the buckle machine, especially the most ideal processing equipment for export-oriented enterprises.
4. Safe, simple, convenient, and fast (avoiding possible personal injury during manual operation).
Our company develops and produces three types of tarpaulin hot sealing machines: small hot sealing machines (380V, 220V, manual, pneumatic), large hot sealing machines, and fully automatic assembly line hot sealing machines. Widely used for: domestic and Korean produced plastic tarpaulin, colored strip cloth, rainproof cloth, sunscreen cloth, flame retardant cloth, Oxford cloth, plastic coated cloth, PE, PP, PVC cloth, light box advertising cloth, and all other adhesive scraping fabrics.
Performance characteristics:
1. It can both heat seal the middle seam and avoid adding ropes on the edge, with unlimited length and width. It can process various transportation vehicle canopies, freight yard covers, awnings, aquaculture tarpaulins, tents, greenhouses, water towers, wind turbines, etc.
2. Small size, easy to operate, one machine can work with 2-3 people.
3. Long lifespan, high reliability, adjustable temperature and speed, advanced hot air welding technology, especially suitable for continuous use at high temperatures.
4. It is the most ideal choice for individual businesses, large, medium, and small enterprises, especially suitable for setting up tarpaulin processing factories in logistics intensive areas such as automobile transportation companies, national roads, and provincial roads. It provides vulnerable parts year-round without any worries about purchasing or maintaining machines.

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