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Performance characteristics of tarpaulin hot sealing machine
click:Release Date:2023/6/10
The frequency is stable. In strict accordance with the provisions of the International Commission on Radio jamming (CISPR), the tarpaulin heat sealing machine adopts industrial wave band 27.12/40.68MHZ, and is designed with a cycle stabilizer and a cycle leakage magnetic suppressor to minimize interference to external equipment. The tarpaulin heat sealing machine uses a low loss coaxial vibrator, with good output waveform, high quality factor and strong output
The output power synchronizer of the tarpaulin heat sealing machine is simple and convenient to adjust. The required oscillation current is set according to the size and thickness of the product, ensuring the uniformity of product fusion quality. The tarpaulin heat sealing machine is equipped with a high sensitivity spark suppression circuit, which can accurately detect the unbalanced current that generates sparks. At the moment of spark generation, the oscillation circuit is quickly cut off to suppress sparks, reducing the degree of damage to molds, raw materials, and products
The tarpaulin hot sealing machine is equipped with overvoltage and overcurrent protection devices, which can automatically cut off the high voltage to protect the oscillation tube and rectifier in case of abnormal operation. At the same time, it can avoid frequency drift caused by improper operation. PET, PETG, and APET materials have unstable chemical properties when the high-frequency temperature rises, and the insulation strength decreases irregularly. Therefore, the high-frequency output of the equipment must be stable and smooth. On this basis, the tarpaulin hot sealing machine is additionally equipped with low and high current limiting protection, Ensure consistent welding appearance of each product, improve product qualification rate, and workers can operate the machine after simple training

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